9 Sep. - 24 Sep. 2017 ( * the exhibition venue opens only Fri. Sat. Sun.)
Artists in Residence : 28 Aug. - 8 Sep. 2017
Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Participating Artists

Artists from Hong Kong

Curatorial team

  • Alice Wong (soundpocket Director)
  • Aya Aoshima
  • Satoko Kiyosawa
  • Hiromi Miyakita

Opening Performance ‘Timetable of the Day: The Tango to Toyooka Performance Train’

Experience this one-off, live, improvisational performance onboard a train from Tango to Toyooka,
and the chance interweaving of sounds and bodies in time and space whilst the landscape passes by
the window. Welcome to this journey on the performance train to mark the opening of the event.

9 Sep. 2017
Kyoto Tango Railways Amino station –Toyooka station

Departing from Amino to Toyooka
Reception : 9:45-10:15
Opening announcement 10:20- / Boarding 10:26 / Departure 10:32 / Arrival to Toyooka 11:50

Departing from Toyooka to Amino
Reception: 12:45-13:15
Boarding: 13:15 / Departure 13:23 / Arrival to Amino 14:28

Artists : Samson Cheung, Arumimi Hifumi, Reina Kimura, Fiona Lee, Makoto Oshiro, Akio Suzuki, Akinori Yamasaki
Performance Direction : Hiromi Miyakita

Seating capacity : up to 40
Tickets : 2,500 yen (advance)/ 3,000yen (door), 1,000yen (age 6-12/under age 6 free)
Round-trip discount : 4,000 yen (advance), 5,000 yen (door)
Ticket Reservation Form : [Reservation Form]
Program collaborator : Kinosaki International Art Center (Toyooka City), Kyoto Tango Railways


Exhibition ‘ listening, seeing, being there ’

The participating artists will exhibit works that they have conceived and created during their time as
artists-in-residence in Tango. Each artist will introduce their creative expressions which evolved from
‘listening, seeing, and being there.

Period : September 9 (Sat.) – 24 (Sun.) 10:00- 17:00
* Open only on Fri, Sat, Sunday and national holiday (closed Mon. – Thurs.)
Venue : Kyotango city Former Go Elementary School (Amino-cho Kyotango City) (admission free)
Artists : Makoto Oshiro, Tomohiko Ogawa, Junko Kido, Soichiro Mihara,Samson Cheung, Fiona Lee, Frank Tang
Artist Profile

Related event
Exhibition tour and Artists talk

Explore the exhibition venue with the exhibition curators and artists
who will introduce the exhibited works.

Data : September 10 (Sun.), 17 (Sun.) 15:00-16:30 (admission free)
Venue: Former Go Elementary School
Sep. 10 Makoto Oshiro, Tomohiko Ogawa, Junko Kido, Frank Tang, Samson Cheung, Fiona Lee,
Akio Suzuki (Archive Exhibition)
Sep. 17 Soichiro Mihara

Acess to the exhibition venue>>Former Go Elementary School

*To the elementary school, Taxis from Amino/ Mineyama station are available.
from Amino Station
Amino Taxi TEL:0772-72-6232
V Taxi TEL:0772-42-0390

from Mineyama Station
Mineyama Taxi TEL:0120-39-0018


ART CAMP TANGO×Komaneko Festival ‘Sound-walk in Meneyama: Soundscape workshop and concert’

During this soundwalk you can experience the atmospheric sounds of the old town Mineyama district of Kyotango City.
Enjoy the evocative “Sounds of Mineyama” guided by Masafumi Komatsu, an artist and researcher with a deep connected
to Tango. There will also be a concert held after the workshop in cooperation with Kotohira Shrine, as part of the
‘2nd Komaneko Festival'.

September 16 (Sat.)
13:30-16:00 Workshop sound-walk in Meneyama old town
16:30-17:00 Concert
Location|Mineyama town (meeting point: Kotohira Shrine)
Workshop facilitator| Masafumi Komatsu
(Researcher, pianist and Professor at Kyoto Seika University)
Number of participants| up to 20
Workshop fee| 1,000 yen
Program Collaborators| The Komaneko Festival Committee HP

Reservation is available>>Reservation form


ART CAMP TANGO × Asian Meeting Festival Asian Meeting Festival in Tango

The ‘Asian Meeting Festival’ (AMF) is regarded as one of Asia's foremost experimental, improvisational
and noise music festivals. In collaboration with ART CAMP TANGO, AMF will visit Tango to spend time at
various sacred and inspiring sound spots scattered throughout Tango, under the guidance of sound artist
Akio Suzuki. The participating musicians will gain a deeper understanding of the sounds of Tango by making
field recordings and site-specific performance etc. After a two days tour, AMF will share their experiences
with their audience.

Date| September 17(Sun)-18 (Mon.) * Sound site tour (invitation only/ the tour not be open to the public)
Location| Kyotango City
Program Collaborators| Ashian Meeting Festival
Supported by Ukawa Onsen Yoshino no Sato

Asian Meeting Festival Feedback Presentation (open to the public)

Date| September 18 (Mon, national holiday) 16:00-18:00
Venue| Former Go Elementary School (admission free)
Artists’ Talk| Yuen Chee Wai, dj sniff (AMF curators)
Moderator| Katsushi Nakagawa
(Researcher in acoustic and listening culture, and Associate Professor at the National University of Yokohama)

Asian Meeting Festival HP

Asian Meeting Festival
photoYorhikazu Inoue


ART CAMP TANGO Archive Project

ART CAMP TANGO is conducting three archive projects to reconsider the influential significance of inherited
techniques and cultural festivals of the past on daily culture and artistic expression today, with a focus on
the artistic activity and cultural resources of Tango. The project will take a variety of forms such as
documentary displays, discussion events and workshops.

ART CAMP TANGO Archive Project Archive Exhibition: Akio Suzuki ‘The Festivity on the Ancient Hill in Tango ’91’93’96’

The Festivity on the Ancient Hill in Tango art festival was held on ‘Naru no Oka’ in Tango three times during the 1990s,
as an attempt to regain the feelings that the ancients had in nature. Artists from Japan and abroad gathered in Tango to foster
cultural exchange through this festival, which was carried out in cooperation with the local residents. A retrospect of visual
documents and interviews with those involved with the festival will be placed on display, along with archive materials from the period.

Period| September 9 (Sat.) – 24 (Sun.) 10:00- 17:00
* Open only on Fri, Sat, Sunday and national holiday
* September 18(Mon./National holiday) open until 18:30
Venue| Former Go Elementary School (admission free)


ART CAMP TANGO Archive Project Talk event:‘The 29th Anniversary of the Space in the Sun’

This year will be the 29th year for the ‘Space in the Sun’ (88’) project by soundartist Akio Suzuki. Akio Suzuki came to Tango
for this project in 1987, and over a period of about a year created a place through which a standard time zone meridian line passes,
for the purposes of ‘listening carefully to nature on the day of the autumnal equinox at the point.’
Those who involved in his projects for the same autumn equinox day will reflect on that time period.

Talk event
Date|September 23 (Sat.) 15:00-17:00
Venue| Former Go Elementary School (admission free)
Guests speakers| Akio Suzuki, Mokuzo Tsutsumi (textile artist), Shin Nakagawa (Professor at Osaka City University)

The Space in the Sun, September 1988'


ART CAMP TAGNO Archive Project Wasen‘Marukobune’(Traditional Japanese boat) Reproduction Project in Kumihama

Marukobune is a Japanese style wooden boat widely used for fishing and daily life in Tango and Tajima from the Middle Ages up to the post-war period.
A local NPO had restored two Marukobune boats using traditional techniques passed down in Kumihama, as well as creating records of these techniques
and constructions method. Tomohiko Ogawa, a participating artist at ART CAMP TANGO, came across these boats, and is now exploring their unique construction
process by working to make a third boats with the help of local boat builders.

Period | Mid August – Mid October
Location| Kumihama Town, Higashi Inaba’s Residence
Program Collaborator| NPO Waku waku suru Kumihama wo tsukuru kai
Supported by Kyotango City ‘Han-Tetsu Machizukuri Yume Kikin’ Fund
* Information on their activities will be posted both on SNS and on our website.

Photo Courtesy of NPO Wakuwaku suru Kumihama wo Tsukuru kai


Festival Finale Art Camp in Tango from Amino to Kumihama

As part of the closing events for ART CAMP TANGO 2017, explore various attractive sites to experience the culture and nature of Tango,
and to enjoy art works and site specific performances by artists.

Date: September 24 (Sun)

11:00- 12:00
Exhibition listening, seeing, beeing there gallery tour
The exhibition curators and artists will give a guided talk at the exhibition sites.
Venue| Former Go Elementary School (Amino-cho) / admission fee

Wasen Marukobune workshop open studio
Venue| Wasen Kobo (Higashiinaba Honke, Kumihama) / admission free
Artist Tomohiko Ogawa will present and explain the processes involved in the reproduction of Marukobune.

Festival Finale performance ‘Until 5:53 p.m.’
Venue| Inaba Honke, Kumihama Park
*Reservatuib reqyured

* 16:00 ~ reception at Inaba Honke
The festival finale will involve site-specific performances by artists at Inaba Honke, an example of the traditional Japanese architecture
owned by wealthy merchants, and also at Kumihama park, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kumihama bay.
Artists| Masamitsu Araki(Guest Artist)、Reina KimuraAkio SuzukiHiromi MiyakitaAkinori Yamasaki
Tickets| 3,000yen (advance), 3,500yen (door)
Reservation available from [Reservation Form]

In cooperation with the NPO wakuwaku suru Kumihama wo tsukuru kai
* The Festival closing performance requires an admission fee.
*ACT is unable to provide transportation to visit each venue. Please use public transportation or private means.
Access to the venues


Guest Artist for the festival final performance
Masamitsu Araki
Born in 1981, in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Sound designer, Musician
By seeking the ways of listening experience and focusing on 'sound reproduce or playback' as his own artistic theme,
he creates and designs various sound works in the theatre, exhibition space and also the audio records and other
various formats. Since 2015, Araki also organizes a artists group 'archives pay'that dealing with works of archives.

Kumihama Park
Inaba Honke


Artists-in-Residence:Period August 28 (Mon.) –September 8 (Fri.)

The artists participating in ART CAMP TANGO 2017 will stay in Tango for two weeks to carry out research and creative activities
for their exhibition and performances. Workshops and cultural exchange events will be held during their residency.
Information on their activities will be posted both on SNS and on our website.


soundpocket ‘Being There 2017 Retreat Camp’

As part of ART CAMP TANGO 2017, the Being There 2017 Retreat Camp organized by the NPO soundpocket will be held in Kyotango.
For more details please visit soundpocket HP .

Date| September 8 – 10. 2017
Location| Kyotango City
Organizer| soundpocket
Co-organizer| ART CAMP TANGO Committee
Program Collaborators: Morigen Inn, Skyhigh Creative Partners, Fei’s Performance